Camp America maintains an Advisory Board in order to closely monitor developments, obtain feedback on program components, and be responsive to industry trends. It is comprised of professionals across all segments of the summer camp community.

2015 Camp America Board of Advisors

Agency Camps

  • Richard Armstrong
    Camp Crosley YMCA, IN
  • Mark Cadman
    YMCA Camp Huckins, MA
  • Terrie Campbell
    Camp Howe, MA
  • Ryan Hove
    YMCA Camp T. Frank Soles, PA
  • Kate Messier
    YMCA Camp Fuller, RI
  • Ruth Ann Ornstein
    Camp Laurelwood, CT
  • Alicia Skovera
    The Fresh Air Fund Camps, NY
  • Hylton Wener
    New Jersey Y Camps, PA
    New Jersey YMHA-YWHA

Day Camps

  • Diane DiCerbo
    Pine Tree Camps, FL
  • Bob Gentile
    Camp Herrlich, NY
  • Ryan Hermanson
    Ramapo Country Day Camp, NY
  • Duncan Lester
    Hillside and Clearpool Summer Camps, NY
    and Green Chimneys School, NY

Religious Camps

  • Suzanne Bates
    Camp Westminster on Higgins Lake, MI
  • Jim Betts
    Salvation Army Camps of the Eastern Territory
  • Ed Covert
    Salvation Army Western Territory
  • Lindsay Eastland
    Camp Mystic for Girls, TX
  • Matthew Tees
    Camp DeWolfe, NY

Special Needs

  • David Billingham Southampton, NY
  • Todd Garmer
    Elks Camp Moore, NJ
  • Mary Anne Killeen
    Camp Anne, NY
    and A.H.R.C. Katy Isaacson and Elaine Gordon Lodge, NY
    A.H.R.C. of New York
  • Savita Sharma
    Camp Loyaltown, NY
    A.H.R.C. of Nassau County

Girl Scout Camps

  • Tori Barnes
    Girl Scouts of Northern California, CA
  • Janet DePetrillo
    Girl Scouts of Western New York, NY
  • Joanna Lenahan
    Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts, MA
  • Laura Morgan
    Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri, MO
  • Megan Rich
    Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania

Independent Camps

  • Jim and Sue Adams
    Lake Delaware Boys Camp, NY
  • Adam Baker
    Camp Equinunk and Blue Ridge, PA
  • Sue Lein
    Camp Emerson, MA
  • Eric Forti
    Camp Canadensis, PA
  • Dayna Hardin
    Lake of the Woods Camp for Girls, MI
    and Greenwoods Camp for Boys, MI
    and The Glen and The Grove, MI
  • Lauren Popkin Herschthal
    Blue Star Camps, NC
  • Jeff Portnoy
    Skylake Yosemite Camp, CA
  • Kathy Ragsdale
    Camp Stewart for Boys, TX
    and Heart O’ the Hills Camp for Girls, TX
  • Howard Salzberg
    Camp Modin, ME
  • Beth Schaefer
    French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts, NY
  • Mark Toporoff
    Camp Danbee, MA